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B2 Sample Writing 6 (Letter - School Representative)
To get the most out of these sample essays and letters, please read "What do I do with the sample writing found on this blog?" before reading this blog entry.
The following letter is an example of how examination candidates could tackle the subject of recommending one of their peers. The sample has been modeled on the University of Michigan Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE) Task 1 question of the Writing section available on page 182 of the Hellenic American Union's ECCE Practice Examinations book (Book 1).

Task 1 of the rubric asks candidates to write a recommendation letter. If you haven't already done so, read this post B2 Writing: The Basics to see what these letters are and how they can be organized.

Based on an announcement that appeared in Greenpark High School's newsletter, the Board Members of the school are looking for a student to represent both school and country at the International Student's Fair which will take place in Paris next month. 

The student, who will act as ambassador for the country, will be staying in Paris for 3 days and in that time will make a presentation of the country's culture and values at the fair as well as meet other students from around the world.

Candidates are asked to write a letter to the Board to nominate a student, explaining the reasons behind this choice (particularly why this person is right for this post and how they could present your country's culture to other students).

The letter should begin with "Dear School Board".

Dear School Board,

                             Having read the announcement in Greenpark High School’s newsletter concerning the nomination of a representative for the International Student’s Fair in Paris, I would like to express my opinion about who that person should be. I firmly believe that the most suitable student for the task is Henry Pappas, a classmate of mine.

                             I have known Henry ever since we started school ten years ago and am certain that his abilities make him ideal to talk about our country’s culture and traditions next month. The reason for this is because he is active in a number of clubs, such as the local folk dance troupe and the drama and arts clubs, all of which have taught him confidence and information he could present at the fair. He is also a member of the debate and film clubs and therefore has experience in talking in front of an audience and making videos and presentations.

                             Henry also has personal qualities that make him suited for this task. He is an outstanding student who helps his fellow classmates when they need it, making him especially popular among his peers. This natural openness and charisma means he will make many friends at the Paris Fair as well as a favorable impression on all those who attend.

                             In conclusion, Henry Pappas is intelligent, sociable and a good orator. Due to these reasons, I strongly recommend him and believe that he would prepare an excellent video of Greece which would include some of its traditions and brief interviews of his classmates to give students of different countries an idea of what young people here are like.

          Yours faithfully,

                             Jack Papadopoulos

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