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IELTS Speaking: Part 1 Sample Questions (List 1)
As mentioned in my previous blog post concerning the Speaking component of the IELTS, the first part of the oral exam consists of general questions about you, your work or studies, your free time activities, family, home and neighborhood, and the like.

This post lists a number of typical questions that could land at your feet on the day you present yourself before the examiner. 

Don't panic, don't mumble, don't have prepared answers memorized. Just reply honestly having thought about what your answer should include (so memorize key words if you like, but not complete sentences) and also answer at length. Remember, the more you make the examiner work, the lower your grade. Show you can speak fluently and can express your thoughts clearly.

Here is a first list of different questions you could be faced with:

Speaking Part 1 IELTS Questions 
List 1

  • Do you have a large or small family?
    • Describe them. / Can you tell me something about them?
    • Do you manage to spend time with your family?
    • What kinds of activities do you like to do together?
    • Do you get on well with your family? (Why? Why not?)
  • Where are you from?
  • Describe the place you live.
    • Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    • Would a house be preferable to an apartment? / Would an apartment be preferable to a house?
    • Is there something you'd like to change about the area you live in?
    • What's one of the best things you like about the area you live in?
    • What kinds of facilities does you area have?
  • In your free time, what do you enjoy doing?
    • How did you become interested in this?
    • Would you say that you're an athletic person?
    • If you had more free time, what hobby would you take up?
    • Do you have the chance to take a holiday? How do you usually spend your holidays?
    • If you could take a trip to any part of the world for a week, where would you like to go?

  • Are you employed? / Are you a student?
    • Tell me about your job. / What are you studying?
    • What is the easiest/most difficult thing about your job/studies?
    • What would you change about your daily routine?
    • Tell me about your typical weekday/weekend. 
  • Tell me about the most important festival in your country.
    • What special food or activities are connected with this festival?
    • Do you enjoy this festival?
    • Do you think festivals are important for any country? 
  • If a tourist visited the city/town you live in, what would you suggest they see and do?
    • Are there any traditional arts or music events you would recommend they go see?
    • What kinds of tourists does your country welcome throughout the year?
    • Would you say that tourism is important for your country?
    • How has tourism changed your country? 
  • Are your friends mostly the same age as you?
    • How often do you see them?
    • What do you usually do when you meet up with your friends?
    • What has been the most memorable event that you experienced with them?
    • In what ways are your friends important to you?
    • Do you think that it's easier nowadays to have friends?
  • What kinds of food do you enjoy eating?
    • Is there something that you haven't eaten before but would like to try?
    • Do you like to cook your own meals? (Why / Why not?)
    • Describe the last meal you ate.
    • Describe the best/worst meal you've ever eaten.
    • What is better: home-cooked meals or going out to eat?
  • What would you say is your usual hangout? What place do you like to visit often?
    • How often do you go to this place?
    • Why do you enjoy visiting it so much?
    • Do other people like to visit this place as much as you? Is it popular with other people as well?
    • Has this place changed over the years since the first time you visited it? 
  •  Which part of your country is the most populated?
    • Is it because of the industries there? Is it because of the job opportunities it offers people?
    • To what extent is it easy for people to travel around your country?
    • What do you think is your country's strong point?
    • What do you think is the greatest problem your country faces?
    • Has your country changed considerably since you were a child?
  • What's your favorite color?
    • Has this preference changed over the years? (Did you use to like the same color when you were younger?)
    • What do colors say about a person's character?
    • Do any colors have a special meaning to you?
    • Do any colors have a special meaning in your country?
  • Do you prefer to stay at home in the evening to relax or would you rather go out?
    • If you go out for an evening, what do you usually do?
    • Do people in your country go out often and do the same thing you said you do?
    • What forms of entertainment are available in your country?
    • Is there any type of entertainment that you don't like?
    • Is there any type of entertainment that isn't available at the moment that you would like to see in your country? 
  • How would you describe your clothing style?
    • Is fashion and clothes in general important to you?
    • Are there any kinds of clothes you dislike?
    • Has you style changed over the years? 
    • How has it changed? / Why has it not changed?
    • Do you believe the clothes we wear say something about us? 

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