Saturday, June 16, 2018

Essay Topics List 2

The following are topics teachers and students can use to practice writing for exams, as homework assignments, longer research projects, even as discussion topics or debates.

Read the first list of essay topics here.

Essay Topics

1)  Capital punishment is in some societies a fact of everyday life. In your opinion, should it be abolished or not?

2) Nowadays, women live longer than men. What do you think are the reasons that influence this?

3) Drug and alcohol abuse have become widespread in today’s society. Teenagers especially have become vulnerable to their influence. Give reasons why this is and suggest solutions to this problem.

4) The status of women over the last centuries has changed. What are the causes of this?

5) Teachers are one of society’s main building blocks. What qualities must they have in order to be effective in their role?

6) Note-taking is an integral part of any university course. However, foreign students present numerous problems in this field. Why?

7) TV nowadays bombards the average viewer every half-hour with dozens of commercials. Do you think these ads are insulting to the viewer?

8) Owning a car for some is a necessity, while others get by without one. Which of these two opinions outweighs the other?

9) Poverty is an unfortunate evil of every society which creates negative consequences. Discuss.

10) Living together unwed is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. What might some of these be?

11) Television has influenced children tremendously. In what ways, and are these influences positive or negative?

12) Stress-related health problems are what people all over the world face in today’s society. How can a person learn to control stress?

13) Living in the 21th century has its advantages and disadvantages. Discuss.

14) Public schools coexist beside private ones. Which presents the greatest advantages?

15) In many industrialized countries, juvenile crime is at record levels. Why is this so and what can be done about it?

16) Nowadays people live longer than they did in the past. Discuss the advantages of living longer and the problems created by this situation.

17) Juvenile delinquency is growing. Do you believe that young adults or even children should be punished for a crime they commit or are parents responsible for their children’s behavior?

18) Should the aim of doctors be to aid their terminally ill patients die in dignity, or should they keep patients alive no matter what, thus upholding the Hippocratic oath?

19) Do women nowadays actually have the same chances of getting a job as men do or is gender discrimination still being practiced?

20) Are homes for the elderly good solutions to the difficulties old people face?

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