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B2 Sample Writing 2 (Letter - Banning Smoking from Public Places)

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The following letter is an example of how examination candidates could tackle the subject of banning smoking in public places. The sample has been modeled on the University of Michigan Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE) Task 1 question of the Writing section available on page 86 of the Hellenic American Union's ECCE Practice Examinations book (Book 1).  

The aim of the task is for candidates to write a letter to The City Times newspaper to express their opinion on the National Medical Association's (NMA) proposal to ban smoking in all public places. The information the rubric gives candidates is that:

  1. non-smokers who live with smokers face great dangers to their health (for example, serious respiratory problems)
  2. children whose parents smoke are at a higher risk of suffering from asthma, bronchitis and frequent colds 
  3. the public places the NMA proposes to ban smoking in includes parks and beaches

Candidates have been instructed to begin their letter with the words "Dear Editor".

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Dear Editor,

                          Having read your article in The City Times, as a 15-year-old student I would like to express my opinion on the issue of banning smoking in all public places. It is my firm belief that passing a law such as this one would be beneficial for all.
                            To begin with, prohibiting smoking in all public places would mean that everyone’s health would be protected. It is well known that smoking causes cancer and even though smokers state that it is their right to do what they want to themselves, they are being inconsiderate towards others. They must realize that through passive smoking, everyone around them is at risk and that they are the ones who are putting them at risk.
                         In addition to this, banning smoking in all areas except private homes offers a financial advantage. Smokers would be forced to smoke less so buying fewer packets of cigarettes means less expenses. The government would also economize as having fewer patients suffering from tobacco-related diseases entails fewer hospital bills.
                        All things considered, although many citizens will undoubtedly see this ban as a threat to their rights, the government of a country needs to look after the welfare of its citizens. Health counts above all else in life, therefore protecting people’s health should be a priority.

          Yours faithfully,
                             Marie Somerset

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