Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Job Interview Questions 1

Before you work on these questions, read Job Interview Questions: How to Prepare 

This is the first set of questions. Work through each question carefully. The space provided between questions is there so you can note down what you think you should include in your answer. 

Once you go over the whole list on this page, practice answering once more after you have studied your notes. 

If you are satisfied with your answers, move on to the next set of questions here.  

Be aware of the fact that questions need to be altered slightly depending on the candidate and position. For instance, someone who hasn't worked elsewhere before should omit question 21 for obvious reasons.

Job Interview Questions 1

1) Why should we hire you? 

2) Do you think the position we’re offering will be a challenge for you? 

3) How would you describe your personality? 

4) Why have you applied for this position? What are your aims in applying for this position? 

5) What will you bring to this position that others can’t? 

6) How well do you handle stress / pressure? 

7) Do you know what goals need to be met? 

8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Where do you see this company/institution in 5 years’ time? 

9) What drives you in your work? 

10) Do you believe you’ll find it difficult to become a part of [company name]? 

11) How does your work experience reflect you as a professional? 

12) What has tested your abilities in the years you’ve been working? 

13) If you could change something about your career thus far, what would it be? 

14) If you could change something about [company name], what would it be? 

15) If you could summarize yourself in one sentence, what would that sentence be? 

16) What would you say your professional track record is? 

17) How committed are you to the work you do? 

18) If you are hired, how committed will you be to the position? 

19) What have been the guidelines you’ve lived by in your previous/current job? What will be the guidelines you will live by if you are hired for this position?

20) What in your opinion is the greatest challenge companies / institutions like ours face in our country nowadays? How would you deal with the situation if you were given the opportunity to remedy it? 

21) If you are hired, what will you miss the most about your last job? 

22) Would you like to add anything to your CV that would complete our understanding of who you are?

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