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Essay Topics List 1

The following are topics teachers and students can use to practice writing for exams, as homework assignments, longer research projects, even as discussion topics or debates.

They have been divided into categories. 

Essay Topics

  • If people find a public or private art exhibit offensive, is it justified to censor it?

  • "Graffiti is an art form." Discuss.

Computers and the Internet

  • "The Internet is not carefully regulated to protect children from inappropriate content." To what extent is this true?

  • "Everywhere you look there are ads." Has the Internet become too commercialized?

  • Is internet user privacy protected enough? Is there more that governments should do?

  • Should websites that offer copyrighted material (such as songs, books or films) free over the Internet be shut down?

  • "Social media and cell phones have made us incapable of interacting orally with others. Instead, we express ourselves only through written texts." What is your opinion regarding this statement?

  • "In the last 20 years, the rise of the internet and computer use has brought about the greatest injustice of all -- the alienation of senior citizens." Do you believe that because almost everything now has become digitized, the elderly feel more alienated by society?

Economics and Business
  • Do you believe that trade barriers between all nations should be eliminated?

  • How well are university graduates prepared to deal with the reality of finding work given the state of many countries' economies today?
  • Should consumers boycott all products that may have been produced under "sweatshop" conditions elsewhere in the world?

  • Is mainstreaming students with special needs a good idea or are their needs better met in schools specially designed for them? 

  • "Teaching a second language in schools is no longer necessary since most students pick up a second language from watching television shows or playing online games." Discuss.

  • Are there any benefits in having colleges and schools just for men/boys and some just for women/girls?

  • Although sex education is part of most school curricula, teenage pregnancy is still a major concern in many societies. What can be done in order to reduce cases of teenage pregnancy and teenage abortion?

  • "Laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol to minors are not effective." Is this statement true? If so, what can be done to make them more effective?

  • Do fraternities and sororities on college campuses have a generally positive contribution to their campuses and communities, or are the problems caused by them so great that the whole Greek system should be abolished?

  • In most countries, being admitted into college or university depends on standardized examinations. Are such examinations an effective way for students to gain knowledge or do they simply make it easier for countries to expedite college admissions?

  • School shootings are on the news more often than people would want to admit. Who is to blame for these acts of violence? Is it simply the fault of the perpetrator, his or her parents, the school system or peer pressure and bullying?

Government and Politics
  • Should developed countries help developing countries by giving them financial aid only?

  • Ever since 9/11, the laws have changed to combat terrorist networks and prevent terrorist attacks. Many claim these stricter laws, especially tapping people's phones and being able to record conversations, violate a person's right to privacy. Do you agree?
  • Do existing nuclear powers, such as the United States and Russia, have the right to prevent other nations from developing nuclear weapons?

  • Hate crimes have been on the rise in many countries in the past several years. What can be done to reduce the prejudice that leads to such acts of violence?

Health and Fitness
  • Going to the gym to exercise has become more popular than ever. And yet more and more people suffer from obesity. Is joining a gym a good way to stay physically fit or is it just partially effective?

  • Many ads on television promote products claiming they can cure ailments or improve memory. To what extent should laws prevent these products from being sold if they have been previously approved by government bodies as being safe for consumption?

  • Nowadays, you see many people walking around dressed in sporty clothes who are not in fact going to or coming out of a gym. Many simply buy the latest running shoes, sports bag or stylish leggings without intending to exercise. What can be done to ensure that exercise is not a passing trend, but a lifelong routine people become engaged in?

  • "Speaking one language throughout the world should become mandatory by law." Should Esperanto be the only language spoken?

  • New words enter any given language daily, something which is seen by some as a corruption of it. Do you believe that new words and foreign words that are adopted by native speakers of a language should not be used because the language becomes impure or deteriorates?

The Military
  • Is it justified to send military troops to another country to fight, whatever the reason, justified or not? 

  • Should women be used as combat soldiers?

  • "The United Nations is a group of people who meet, talk, get paid but are incapable of settling disputes between nations." How effective do you believe assemblies like the UN are, if there are still so many wars being fought around the world?

  • Should any country’s military be allowed to use tactical nuclear weapons?

  • More and more instances of road rage are witnessed on roads these days. How can this be dealt with?

  • If a child is unruly in class, he may be diagnosed as having some disorder, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and prescribed medication for it. Do you feel experts are finding problems wherever they turn and are overprescribing?

Science and Nature
  • It is known that nuclear power is a cleaner source of energy than coal or oil, but is it too dangerous to be relied on as a source of energy?

  • Genetic engineering could hold the key to curing diseases but many are wary of the benefits it can offer. Are they right to fear possible repercussions or can something be done to allay their fears?

  • "The cloning of human beings is the future." Are there dangers if human cloning were to become a  reality?

  • "Endangered species ought to be protected, no matter the cost to the economic development of nations."Discuss.
  • Is recycling the solution to the problem of depletion of natural resources?
  • Should billions of dollars continue to be allocated towards funding space exploration or are there more important issues that such funds could help solve?
  • Can the use of laboratory animals in experimentation be justified?

  • Is capital punishment an inappropriate punishment in today's modern, civilized society or is it an effective deterrent?

  • A lot of discussion has been going on about gun control lately. Though many say restricting the sale of weapons will reduce crime and violence, others believe that tighter controls violate people's rights. What is your opinion?

  • What can be done to reduce the problem of domestic violence?
  • Should terminally ill patients have the right to end their own lives?

  • Many countries have imposed laws forbidding smoking in public places. Is this an infringement of smokers' rights or are such laws long overdue?

  • Should society assume more responsibility for pregnant teenagers and the children they bear?

  • "Homeless people are the sole responsibility of governments." To what extent do you agree with this statement?

  • In a number of cities, urban gangs are a serious threat. What can be done to curb the violence they spread?

  • "Most television programs these days have nothing to offer. They have little or no social or educational value." Do you agree?

  • Are advertisements too deceptive nowadays? Should tighter laws limit what advertisers can do to persuade consumers to buy a product?

  • "The millions top professional athletes receive is unimaginable. It is ethically wrong and something must be done about this." What do you think about the astronomical amount of money top athletes receive?

  • Women's sports do not get as much attention and financial support as men's sports. Why is this and what can be done about it?

  • Instead of enjoying a sport, children who take part on organized sports feel pressured to succeed. Whose fault is this? Must something change?

  • Can the use of performance-enhancing drugs by amateur and professional athletes ever be justified?

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