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B2 Sample Writing 15 (Letter - Exchange Student Mentor Recommendation)

The following sample letter has been written so that exam candidates for a B2 level English examination (FCE now called First for Schools, ECCE, IELTS - 5.5 / 6.0, MSU-CELC, ESB, LRN) can get some ideas about how to organize and argue their writing.  First take a look at how to use the sample essays and letters that appear on this blog by reading the following post:

What do I do with the sample writing found on this blog?

Remember: such topics can also be used to start class discussions, so teachers might also want to read on to get ideas about a class activity they could set up to improve students' oral skills.

This particular question has been taken from an ECCE textbook which means that the rubric contains an introductory situation and then the question itself. The length of the sample letter that follows is approximately what examiners would expect to be completed in half an hour's time.

Note: When you write a letter or essay, you don't have to agree entirely with the arguments you put forward. Write what is easier to defend with explanations or examples. 

Here's the rubric:

Exchange Student Mentors Needed

Mentors are needed to befriend the foreign exchange students who are coming to our city this year. Last year’s students felt overwhelmed and found it hard to make friends. Mentors will be required to help exchange students get settled in when they arrive. Please send letters recommending someone to Mrs. Ellis in the main office.

Write a letter to Mrs. Ellis recommending someone fit to be an exchange student mentor. Give reasons for your recommendation. Begin your letter, “Dear Mrs. Ellis.”

Sample Letter

Dear Mrs. Ellis,

          Having seen your ad asking for exchange student mentors, I believe I have someone in mind who would be perfect for this post. I suggest you carefully consider my cousin Jack Davidson because he has what, in my view, you are looking for in a mentor.

           The first reason I think you should consider Jack is due to the fact that he is very good with people his age. He is sociable and popular at school which means he has people skills that will come in handy when dealing with any problems the exchange students may be facing. His open, honest and friendly personality always makes people want to be around him and ask for advice when they need it.

           Another reason why I find he is ideal for this task is because he knows his way around the city, and I don’t just mean in terms of location. Jack has been active in a number of things in the past five years, which means that he has been a member of many athletic and artistic clubs. For instance, he is on the local amateur football team, a member of the film fan club, takes art lessons during the week and attends photography workshops once a month. Through the activities he has done, he has toured the city to take pictures, been to museums and movie theaters to see works of art and films, and enjoys free access to all the city’s major stadiums. Because of this, he can show exchange students around and organize afternoon outings with them to help them become acquainted with the city. He will undoubtedly invite some of his friends along so exchange students will be able to make new friends, and that is the main objective, is it not?

           In short, John Davidson is the ideal person to help the exchange students settle in smoothly and quickly. His outgoing nature and active lifestyle will be a great help to them.

Yours sincerely,

          Justin Davidson

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