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B2 Sample Writing 13 (Letter - School Uniforms)

The following sample letter has been written so that exam candidates for a B2 level English examination (FCE now called First for Schools, ECCE, IELTS - 5.5 / 6.0, MSU-CELC, ESB, LRN) can get some ideas about how to organize and argue their writing. 
First take a look at how to use the sample essays and letters that appear on this blog by reading the following post:

What do I do with the sample writing found on this blog?

Remember: such topics can also be used to start class discussions, so teachers might also want to read on to get ideas about a class activity they could set up to improve students' oral skills.

This particular question has been taken from an ECCE textbook which means that the rubric contains an introductory situation and then the question itself. The length of the sample letter that follows is approximately what examiners would expect to be completed in half an hour's time.

Note: When you write a letter or essay, you don't have to agree entirely with the arguments you put forward. Write what is easier to defend with explanations or examples. 

Here's the rubric:

Time to Wear a Uniform

Uniforms make life simple. And due to today’s children having enough concerns, without having to worry about whether they look as good as their friends, we have decided to introduce a uniform at our school. The teachers at Billow High believe uniforms will solve this problem. We would like to hear your views on this issue. Please address your letters to the Principal, Mrs. Jenkins.

What is your opinion on school uniforms? Write a letter to Mrs. Jenkins to voice your point of view on the issue. Give reasons to support your opinions. Begin your letter, “Dear Mrs. Jenkins.”

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

                             Having read your announcement in our school magazine, as a 15-year-old student I would like to express my opinion on the matter of school uniforms. In my view, Billow High should have students wear uniforms.
                             The first reason why uniforms are a good idea is because they give students a sense of unity. Students who come from well-to-do families cannot flaunt how much allowance they receive every month as they show up in class wearing the latest expensive brand of jeans sold in the trendiest store in town. Everyone in the class is equal and feels a part of a team if uniforms become mandatory. The conversation of students will also not revolve around outfits, but other subjects related to school.
                             Though many would be quick to point out that enforcing uniforms is harsh due to the fact that it does not let them express themselves freely, they are mistaken. Students should learn to express themselves in other ways – something which I strongly believe is a vital part of education and growing up in general – through, for instance, creative writing or music, presentations done in school or art class. Besides, school is not a fashion runway and students are not designers who need publicity.
                             All in all, school takes up just half of the day, therefore wearing a uniform will not prevent students from expressing themselves through the clothes they wear during the remainder of the day and at the weekend. If the uniforms chosen are attractive, why should there be any opposition to your proposal?

          Yours sincerely,
                              Jessica Daly

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