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B2 Sample Writing 10 (Letter - Living with Grandparents)
The following sample letter has been written so that exam candidates for a B2 level English examination (FCE now called First for Schools, ECCE, IELTS - 5.5 / 6.0, MSU-CELC, ESB, LRN) can get some ideas about how to organize and argue their writing. 

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This particular question has been taken from an ECCE textbook which means that the rubric contains an introductory situation and then the question itself. The length of the sample letter that follows is approximately what examiners would expect to be completed in half an hour's time.

Here's the rubric: 

Dear Amber,

I have a problem with my grandparents. They live with us and when I was little, I was happy to have them around. Now, we have more problems. For example, they always complain about my clothes and my music. They embarrass me in front of my friends by treating me like a child. In general, they don’t seem to understand me at all. I love my grandparents, but they are making my life really difficult! What can I do?

Struggling with grandparents

Write a letter to Struggling with grandparents giving advice and offering suggestions as to what you think they should do to make living with grandparents easier. Start your letter: Dear Struggling with grandparents.

Sample Letter

Dear Struggling with grandparents,

                  Having read about the difficulties you are having with your grandparents, I believe as a 15-year-old with similar problems that I can help you with some advice on the matter.

                  To begin with, there are some things you can do to make living with them easier. First of all, try talking calmly to them, without insulting them, and express how hurt you feel when they embarrass you or when they look down on you, your music, and the style of clothes you choose to wear. Try to remind them about how they were when they were your age, how often they were upset when they did things others did not approve of, and how they felt when they were treated like minors. In addition to this, try to turn down the volume of your music when they are around – if they can’t hear it, they can’t complain about it.

                  On the other hand, you should also turn to your parents for help. After all, they’re your grandparents’ children, so if anyone knows how to handle them, it is certainly they. Explain to your parents that it’s their job to play the referee between your grandparents and you, and that if they talk to them, your grandparents will be more likely to listen.

           All in all, it is usually the case that grandchildren aren’t taken seriously because most teenagers don’t spend time with older people. Were you to spend time with your grandparents and let them get to know you, I’m sure they would see you as an individual, with intelligence and a personality that ought to be respected.

          Yours faithfully,

                             Jackie Smith

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